How to Make a Paper Boat? Easy Origami for Kids

Making paper crafts is a wonderful way to spend time with children. Creating a classic boat, or a small ship, is one of the easiest tasks in origami. After making it, this craft can be floated on water. Most likely, in your childhood, you launched similar ships in puddles and streams. To create a paper boat, you will need a rectangular sheet of paper of any shape and texture. And, of course, instructions on how to make a boat from paper, in case you’ve forgotten how to do it.

Creating a Paper Boat

To make a paper ship, you should perform the following actions:

Step-by-step photo instruction on how to make a paper boat

Starting with a Rectangular Paper Sheet

First, get a suitable rectangular sheet of paper.

Folding the Paper

Next, fold this sheet in half across.

Then, fold the obtained blank again in the other direction and unfold it back. The result of these actions will be a central fold line.

Photo instruction showing paper folding for boat

Shaping the Boat

Next, bend the top corners to the fold line from the previous step. The connection of these corners should be made in the middle of the sheet.

Now, fold the lower strip upwards at the point where the corners, mentioned in the previous step, meet.

Folding instructions for paper boat

Then, turn over the sheet and fold the remaining corners of the folded strip, and then tuck the corners of the second strip to them.

Continued folding instructions for paper boat

The next step in the guide on how to make a boat from paper is to fold up the remaining lower strip. The result of these actions should be that the blank takes the shape of an isosceles triangle.

Now, place your thumbs inside the resulting triangle and spread them to the sides. The result of these actions will be the transformation of the sheet from a triangle into a square.

Transforming the folded paper into a square shape

After that, fold the lower corners of the square upwards from the left and right sides so that the blank again becomes triangular.

Next, repeat the same actions as in the eighth step, as a result of which we will again give the blank a square shape.

Final steps in making the paper boat

And the last action is to spread the corners in this square in the opposite direction. The resulting craft should be straightened out. Your paper ship is ready.

Let your child decorate the resulting craft as they see fit. The child will gladly color the ship using markers or colored pencils. Each ship should have its own flag. For its manufacture, you can use a toothpick and a piece of paper.

Video Instructions on How to Make a Paper Boat

Как сделать из бумаги - Origami Лодочка

Как сделать бумажный кораблик

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to make a boat from paper, all that’s left is to bring these instructions to life and send it sailing in a stream, or at least in a bathtub. To slow down the soaking of the paper in water, you can treat the bottom of the ship with melted wax or paraffin.

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