How Do You Build a Tandoor Oven with Bricks?

To build a tandoor oven with bricks by yourself, follow these step-by-step instructions with photos:

  1. Choose a location for your tandoor and dig a foundation.
  2. Prepare a clay mixture for stove and fireplace masonry (available at building supply stores).
  3. Place the first row of bricks on the prepared surface and lay them in a circle.
  4. Continue laying bricks, adding masonry mix to each row, until you reach a height of 80-100 cm.
  5. Use a tape measure and level to maintain the tandoor’s geometry.
  6. Once you finish laying the bricks, allow them to dry completely, which may take several days.
  7. After the cement has fully dried, you can insulate the tandoor with an additional layer of mineral wool and then plaster it with clay mixture.

What Is the Optimal Size for a Tandoor?

The optimal size of a tandoor depends on your individual needs and preferences. Generally, it is recommended to build a tandoor with dimensions ranging from 80 to 100 cm in height and 50-80 cm in diameter.

Handmade brick tandoor oven design

Which Clay Is Suitable for Making a Tandoor?

Traditionally, for making a tandoor, clay with a high quartz content and low iron content is used. This clay mixture is used for masonry stoves and fireplaces and is sold in building supply stores. Such clay has high strength and durability, which is important for a tandoor. However, other types of clay can also be used, provided they are well-binding and free of impurities like stones or wood.

Which Brick Should Be Used for a Tandoor?

For a tandoor, use chamotte brick or M150 brick (silicate double brick), made of clay with high quartz and low iron content. This brick should have good strength and durability to withstand high temperatures. It’s important that the bricks are uniform in size and shape for an even tandoor.

Simple Homemade Brick Tandoor

Visually, the oven resembles an upside-down clay pot equipped with an opening inside.

Brick tandoor oven construction photo

At the bottom, there is a blower – it regulates the burning speed.

Brick tandoor oven construction photo

From the outside, this oven structure needs to be covered with bricks and insulated with clay.

Brick tandoor oven construction photo

Eventually, almost all the heat is accumulated by this tandoor oven.

Brick tandoor oven construction photo

Main Types of Tandoors

There are several types of tandoors, each with its unique characteristics:

  • Traditional tandoor: This type has a classic design with a narrow round top and a wide base, intended for the tops of trees or bushes.
  • Modern tandoor: This type has a more contemporary design than the traditional one, with clean lines and a strict form. It can be used as a decorative element in a garden.

Brick tandoor oven construction photo

The Process of Building a Tandoor

  1. Make a 1.5m foundation.
  2. The foundation should be level and have a sand base.
  3. Prepare a metal or asbestos pipe for the blower.
  4. Next, lay out a brick platform.
  5. Using a template for laying bricks, build the tandoor walls in a circle.

The internal diameter of the tandoor is approximately 0.6 – 0.9 m.

Brick tandoor oven construction photo

After the first row of bricks dries, lay the next row.

Remember to cover the tandoor with plastic during drying!!!

The complete drying process of the tandoor takes about one week.

For maximum insulation, it is necessary to make a cover for the tandoor.

Brick tandoor oven construction photo

DIY Brick Tandoor Oven Video:

The video provides a more detailed building process:

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