Building a Resonator Antenna for Digital Television (T2)

To construct an antenna for the second television range (T2), you need to measure the length of the conductor, which will be used to create the resonator. Use the formula: resonator length = λ / 4, where λ is the wavelength of the signal.

  • Assemble the resonator from a household conductor, attach a resistor and capacitor to it.
  • Connect a coaxial cable to the resonator.
  • Install the antenna in a location with optimal signal reception.

A digital television antenna is fundamentally the same as a standard decimeter antenna.

DIY T2 Antenna Photo

Constructing the Antenna

The base of the antenna is a wooden plank. Cut 8 pieces of wire, each 375 mm in length, with a cleared center of 20-30 mm for good signal transmission. Then, cut 2 wires, each 220 mm long, based on the plank’s dimensions, and strip them where connections will be made. Next, bend the remaining eight wires into a ‘V’ shape.

DIY T2 Antenna Construction Photo

First, purchase a special connector to join the antenna and cable. This is relatively simple. Attach the connector to the wire using a soldering iron. The installation of this cable is done over the lower connection of the device. At this stage, the antenna’s construction is complete and ready for use.

Completed DIY T2 Antenna

DIY T2 Antenna from Beer Cans

Here, we won’t use a pre-made device as a base. The device will be entirely constructed from readily available materials. To make a homemade digital TV antenna, you will need:

  • Wooden spindle;
  • Tape or insulating tape;
  • Soldering iron;
  • Two tin cans;
  • Several meters of wire (about 3-5 m);
  • Connectors.

Beer Can Antenna Photo

Start by modifying the standard television cable. Slightly cut into its soft covering to reveal the silver ‘foil’ beneath. To expose the wire, cut off about 10 cm from the edge. Then, twist the foil layer to expose its middle layer by about 10 mm. Equip the other end of the cord with a connector for connecting to the television.

Modified Cable for T2 Antenna

Next, prepare the cans. For digital signal reception, cans with a capacity of 750-1000 mm are suitable. Attach the ‘foil’ end of the wire to one can (otherwise, channel display will be incorrect). Attach the cable’s core to the second can. Preferably solder the cable to the cans. If tape is used, the device likely will not function properly.

The only case where tape is applicable is when cans are mounted on top of the spindle. However, even then, the technology must be followed precisely. The cans should be arranged in a straight line, about 7-8 cm apart from each other.

Video: DIY T2 Antenna Tutorial

Цифровое ТВ DVB-T2. Изготовление простой антенны.

Как сделать самодельную антенну для цифрового ТВ

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