Welcome to Your DIY Band Sawmill Guide!

Embark on the journey of building your own band sawmill with our comprehensive guide, starting right now without further ado.

Selecting and Preparing Pulleys

Choosing the Right Pulleys

For our sawmill, we use pulleys with a diameter of 300-320 mm, previously employed in a “Neva” combine. These pulleys are slightly worn to ensure perfect belt positioning.

Pulleys for DIY Band Sawmill

Minimizing Lathe Work

By utilizing half-inch pipes as guides, the need for extensive lathe work is greatly reduced.

Rail Construction

Rails are constructed from 5 cm angle bars, positioned to prevent wheel wear.

Rails for Band Sawmill

Installing and Securing Sleepers

Sleepers, made from profile pipes, are reinforced between the guides to provide a stable fixation of the wood.

Sleepers of Band Sawmill

Adjusting Profile Pipe Protrusions

Profile pipes are equipped with adjustment bolts for precise settings.

Pulley Construction and Installation

Pulleys with housings from the “Moskvich” car are integrated into the design for smooth movement.

  • Automatic tension adjustment of the pulleys.
  • Ability to adjust the pulley position according to the size of the saw.

Manufacturing Rollers

An essential element is the hardened rollers, which can be made in garage conditions.

Rollers for Band Sawmill

Assembling the Roller Unit

The roller unit is assembled based on bearings to ensure smooth movement of the saw.

Adjusting and Installing Rollers

The rollers are mounted on a machined shaft, allowing for width adjustment of the saw.

Frame Construction and Installation

The frame is made from channel iron, providing the necessary strength and stability for the structure.

Installing and Adjusting Pulleys

Pulleys are installed at an angle to ensure the correct position of the saw.

Important Tips for Using the Sawmill

Consider the drying and deformation of wood during the sawmill operation.

Design Options with Wheels

For easy movement of the sawmill, wheels can be added to the design.

Wheels for Band Sawmill

Remember, when using this DIY band sawmill, consider wood drying and deformation. Hence, always cut with a margin.

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