Simple and Beautiful Paper Crafts for Everyone

Paper crafts are an engaging hobby that is accessible to everyone. In this article, you will find simple and clear instructions that will help you quickly master the art of creating original paper figures.

Creating a Paper Airplane

One of the most beloved childhood crafts, this airplane stands out for its excellent flight characteristics and unique design. Use colored paper to create a more vibrant airplane or decorate it after folding.

Folding a paper airplane step-by-step photo instruction

  • Fold the left and right edges at an angle towards the center.
  • Then fold the corners again on both sides, as the diagram indicates.
  • Now, slightly unfold the already folded edges to the outside.
  • Fold the airplane in half and align the bottom edges.
  • At a line one-third of the way from the base of the resulting triangle, fold the edges down to form wings.
  • Finally, turn out the previously folded edges and straighten the ‘underwings’.

Your airplane is ready for launches and play.

Making a Paper Lantern

For this craft, you will need colored paper, a ruler, scissors, glue, and a pencil. Fold the paper in half and make cuts along previously drawn lines. Then glue the paper into a tube, attach a loop for hanging, and your lantern is ready.

Making a paper lantern step-by-step

Folding a Paper Carnation

This craft requires paper napkins, a straw, and some attention. Fold the napkin like an accordion, tie it in the middle, then carefully unfold the petals to create a voluminous flower shape.

Creating a paper carnation step-by-step

How to Make a Paper Star

To create a star, you will need several square sheets of paper. Fold them according to the instructions to make the components of the star, and then connect them together.

Making a paper star step-by-step

Creating a Paper Popper

A paper popper is a great craft for fun events. Use a large sheet of paper, fold it, and make the necessary cuts. A sharp flick of the wrist will cause a pop when the structure opens.

Folding a paper popper step-by-step

Handmade Paper Envelope

Create an original envelope from an A4 sheet of paper. Follow the step-by-step instructions for folding and gluing to get a beautiful and unique envelope for special occasions.

Creating a handmade paper envelope

Making a 3D Paper Sphere

This craft requires several cut-out elements of the sphere. Connect them following the instructions to create a beautiful 3D sphere that can be hung as a decoration.

Assembling a 3D paper sphere

Paper crafts can become not only an interesting pastime but also a way to develop creative abilities. Follow these simple instructions, and you can create unique paper items for home decoration or as gifts.

Paper Gift Boxes

Create cute paper boxes for packaging small gifts. Fold the paper according to the scheme to make a box with a lid. Use colorful paper or decorate the boxes with drawings and stickers.

How to make a paper box photo

Making a Paper Flower

Create a beautiful paper flower that will be a great decoration for your home or a gift. You will need colored paper, scissors, and glue. Cut out petals of various sizes and shapes from the paper. Glue them together, starting with the smallest petals in the center and gradually adding larger petals outside.

How to make a paper flower diagram

Paper Bookmarks

Create original bookmarks for books out of paper. Cut out interesting shapes, such as animals, flowers, or geometric figures. You can decorate them with drawings, stickers, or add inscriptions.

These additional ideas will allow you to expand your skills in creating paper crafts. With simple materials and a little creativity, you can create amazing things that will delight you and your loved ones.

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