How to Make Slime with Shampoo and Water: Step-by-Step Guide

This well-known toy is loved not only by children but also by adults. Let’s explore the simplest and most accessible way to make slime from shampoo and water at home with a step-by-step guide, making your task much easier. It’s advisable to store such a toy in a sealed container, as the glue in the handgum dries quickly, potentially ruining the slime.

Making slime step


  • Any shampoo (50ml)
  • Dishwashing liquid (50ml)
  • Titan glue (100ml)
  • Food coloring
  • Container for mixing
  • Stick or pencil


  1. Take a suitable container and pour in dishwashing liquid and your chosen shampoo. For the best results, use materials without additional additives (granules, etc.).
  2. If the shampoo is transparent, add food coloring.

Making slime step 2

  1. Thoroughly mix the shampoo with dishwashing liquid and coloring. Add glue and stir with a stick until the mixture is uniform. At this stage, you can adjust the slime’s thickness by adding more glue—the more glue you add, the denser your slime will be.

Making slime step 3

That’s it! Your shampoo, dishwashing liquid, and glue slime is ready. Don’t forget the container for storing the slime; it’s best for it to stay there when not in use.

Final slime product

Now you know how to make slime! The photo instructions, hopefully, have helped you create the toy easily and quickly. Ensure the slime stays clean; if it accumulates a lot of lint and other debris, dispose of it promptly.

Additional Information:

  • Keep such slime for no more than a week in a closed container.

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  1. Den

    How long does the slime last?

  2. Sem

    It’s advisable to store the slime in a closed container and use it within a week.

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