How Do You Plant Garlic Before Winter?

How to Plant Garlic Before Winter

Garlic can be planted in winter, but it’s important to follow some recommendations:

  1. Choose the right variety of garlic: For garden garlic, select varieties that can successfully endure winter conditions.
  2. Determine the right location for your garden: Garlic should be planted in a place where there is enough sunlight.
  3. Plant garlic at the right time: The best time for planting garlic is early winter when the ground has not yet frozen.
  4. Use proper planting methods: Garlic should be planted at a depth of about 5 cm.

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By following these recommendations, you can successfully plant garlic before winter.

How Often Can You Plant Garlic in the Same Spot?

Garlic is a beneficial and productive crop, but it needs to be regularly replanted to maintain plant health and increase yield.

It is usually recommended to replant garlic every 3-4 years.

This allows the soil to recover and improve its quality, as well as reduces the risk of fungal infections.

However, this depends on the growing conditions and the variety of garlic.

How to plant garlic in autumn photo instructions

What Should Be Placed in the Hole When Planting Garlic?

When planting garlic, use a fertile mix in the hole. You can mix well-decomposed soil with a small amount of compost or manure to improve the soil structure.

Before planting garlic, remove stones and weeds that can hinder root growth.

How to plant garlic in autumn photo instructions

What Shouldn’t Be Planted Next to Garlic?

Some plants can negatively affect the growth and development of garlic, so it’s important to avoid planting them nearby.

  • Beans
  • Peas
  • Radishes
  • Soy crops

These plants compete with garlic for nutrients and water and can reduce its yield. Also, there are plants that can transmit harmful viruses or diseases to garlic, so they should be avoided as well.

Where Shouldn’t You Plant Garlic?

Places with high humidity: Garlic does not like high humidity, so growing it in places with high humidity, such as rainy forests, can be challenging.

Places with low temperatures: Garlic does not withstand severe frosts, so growing it in places with low temperatures can also be difficult.

How to plant garlic in autumn photo instructions

Watch our video tutorials on garlic planting:

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